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beaming sahara

A Performance of climate change

Although climate change is, quite obviously, able to cross every border, global solutions are still rarely seen. In despite of national debates about carbon, CO2-taxes or renewable energy, the climate changes for everybody, no matter who or where, and it changes in a rapid, unstoppable pace. In different places on this planet, we might only be able to see single parts of this huge process. Until we step over borders, look further than our own horizon and face the things coming up together - that's when we start to understand what lies ahead of us.

‘Ravenous swarms and raging storms befall me, break me and burst my insides. What was it that Shattered and hurt me like this?‘

With BEAMING SAHARA, we are looking at climate change beyond the walls in our heads. In doing so, we not only cross borders by traveling from one place to another, but also by crossing different senses in our aesthetic language. We take you on a journey, opening eyes and ears for the forces that are at work at so many different places. While the awareness of climate change in Germany rises slowly, it is already a cold (or hot) fact for people in other countries. We want to rise awareness together and enter into dialogue about what is happening and what is to do. It seems as if climate change connects places, nations and people, as if it erases borders. But these connections have existed before, they only become visible now. Climate change is a global, a transnational phenomenon. So let's take a step towards each other to see, hear and smell the walls we built collapsing.

This performance is a theatrical laboratory for experiences, which makes climate change directly sensible. We take you to an atmospheric journey through changing perspectives on climate and the change thereof - with an own soundtrack and natural elements like sand, earth or leaves as protagonists.

ausgezeichnet Wettbewerb KlimaSichten

PRODUCTION edgarundallan (Sira Möller, Jonas Sausmikat, Lydia van Odijk, Mine Wenzel, Winnie Wilka)

PERFORMANCE Sira Möller, Jonas Sausmikat

MUSIC &Claudia (Mine Wenzel)

EVENT TECHNOLOGY Winnie Wilka, Lydia van Odijk

PHOTO Julia Auf der Maur

BEAMING SAHARA is based on the performance Milo, ich hab mich in die Sahara gebeamt, which was awarded the prize of the Bürgerstiftung Hildesheim and the Jury Prize of the ARENA Festival.
A short film about the production won the 1st prize in the competition KLIMASICHTEN 2018.

PREMIERE 21.06.19 | Erlangen (Arena Festival)


28.06.19 Smog Słubice PL (Unithea Festival)

14.09.19 Rasselmania Hildesheim (The Walls We Built Festival)

DURATION 80 minutes





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